Boot Black Rich Moisture - moisturizer

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Rich Moisture - moisturizer

with argan oil, which is also used for exclusive cosmetics,
gives dry leather its moisture back and produces a silky shine


Rich Moisture - intensive moisturizing lotion

with argan oil, which is also used for exclusive cosmetics,
are dry leather back its moisture and produces a silky shine.

The ideal conditioner for all leather jackets after the dry cleaning:
Have a look on the photos of a customers leather jacket, please.

Etc. Suitable for all bags, belts, wallets of sensitive leather;
this special lotion reactivates the original color of the leather.

Colourless - suitable for all smooth leathers

Content: 100 ml / bottle

Additional product information

Care instructions: * After having spreqaded out a very thin layer of the cream wait for a maximum 1 to 2 minutes until the first polish with the horse hair or with a goat hair brush. * Several layers may be applied sequentially until the desired repletion of the leather is reached. * Never spread out thick layers and don't allow allow to dry for a long time as this will reduce the polishing result and   The Boot Black Rich Moisture conidtioner contains solvents and therefore is not usuable for hydrophobic leathers such as outdoor shoes and military boots. Please keep the shoe polish out of reach of children!