Boot Black Shampoo Leather  Sneaker care

Boot Black Shampoo Leather Sneaker care

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SNEAKER CARE Shampoo - liquid soap for all Leathers

Cleaning shampoo for sneakers and leather shoes


Sneaker Care Shampoo Leather

Cleaning shampoo of the blue Sneaker Care series.

honey for all kinds of leather, completely free of glycerin, does not reduce the breathabilty of the leather ,
ph value 5.0 +/-0.5 = ideal for all leathers, with leather softener to protect the leather from hardening during the drying

It is very good for the cleaning of the leather lining, to prevent it of weatring out quickly;

it pushs down the ph value to the ideal range of 4.5 till 5.0. 

Contents: 150 ml