Boot Black Shoe Cream

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Shoe Cream
With very fine color pigments, it has a very high covering power, is very easily to spread and produces a beautiful silky shine.

Shoe Cream

One of the best shoe and shoe creams in the world!

It is characterized by a light spreadability, a beautiful silky shine and a high color opacity at very low consumption.

This cream contains very fine pigments and solvents and has a very good ink coverage:
Blotchy leather has after polishing again a uniform color.

It is very easily distributed with low fuel consumption and easy to polish.
When using the Two Face Lotion Plus it develops such a shine that is not much inferior to a wax polish.

Contents: 55 gr / glass.

Boot Black Shoe Cream is available in 30 colours

Additional product information

Care instructions: * After having spreqaded out a very thin layer of the cream wait for a maximum 1 to 2 minutes until the first polish with the horse hair or with a goat hair brush. * Several layers may be applied sequentially until the desired color or color intensity / color is achieved. * Never spread out thick layers and don't allow allow to dry for a long time as this will reduce the polishing result and the color saturation of the leather can be stronger / more intense than desired. The Bootblack Shoe Cream contains solvents and therefore is not usuable for hydrophobic leathers such as outdoor shoes and military boots. Please keep the shoe polish out of reach of children!