Boot Black Two Face Plus Lotion

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Two Face Lotion Plus - moisturizer & cleaner

Conditioner with Argan Oil and leather cleaner in one bottle, usuable separately or mixed after shaking:


Bootblack Two Face Plus Lotion - 3-in-1 conditioner

2 fluids in one bottle: leather cleaner and leather conditioner with argan oil.

Both can be used separately or after shaking and mixing, the contents will appear white,

in only one order for leather cleaning and care at the same time:

3-in-1 product.

The leather cleaner can serve to remove water based stains and buildup
as well as be used for the removal of old growth and cream residues.

The easier maintenance liquid in the bottle above contains argan oil, which is also used for facial cosmetics;
it has an antioxidizing effect and creates on the leather an excellent basis for the subsequent application of cream or wax.

At the same time it draws in a leather and donates it's humidity - it retains its elasticity and durable quality.

The leather shines after polishing the shoe polish much more!

If the bottle for a while quietly, then lotion and cleaner separate self again and the contents appears transparent as shown in the photo.

Contents: 100 ml/bottle or 300 ml/bottle

Additional product information

Care instructions: * Depending on how you hold the bottle, you can either lighter lotion (floats) or pour the heavy leather cleaner. * Shake the bottle to mix cleaners and lotion, then the liquid is white - can they resist for a while, * then both separate again and be transparent. * Please BB Leather Lotion Cleaner try on a small area - the application of the lotion is safe. * Enter a few drops of it on a lint-free (cotton) cloth and rub the spot with a little pressure from circular; * depending on the success you can increase the pressure a bit, in order to achieve a better effect with the leather cleaner. * Never this lotion, neither cleaner nor care lotion, apply directly to the leather, otherwise there is a risk * that feeds them and a spot leaves! * If you feel insecure when applying, then please call us in advance.   The Bootblack Two Face Plus Lotion contains solvents and and therefore is not usuable for hydrophobic leathers such as outdoor shoes and military boots. Please keep the shoe polish out of reach of children!