Boot Black Cleaning Kit - Sneaker Care

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Sneaker Care Cleaning Kit

Cleaning set of the blue Sneaker Care series - it consists of:
1 caoutchouk bar 
1 sponge w. 2 layers
1 liquid soap Shampoo, 150 ml content  

for sneakers and leather shoes in 2 variants

honey for all kinds of leather, completely free of glycerin, does not reduce the breathabilty of the leather ,
ph value 5.0 +/-0.5 = ideal for all leathers, with leather softener to protect the leather to harden during the drying

transparent for canvas, textils and imitation leather, ph-value 10.0 +/-0.5

It is very good for the cleaning of the leather lining, to prevent it of weatring out quickly;
it pushs down the ph value to the ideal range of 4.5 till 5.0. 


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