Boot Black Artist Palette STARTER SET

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 Artist Palette No 1  STARTER SET 1

1 Two Face Plus Lotion, 100 ml

1 Artist Palette No 1

20 colors available - in stock 


Artist Palette No 1  STARTER SET  1


Two Face Plus Lotion - 3-in-1 conditioner

2 fluids in one bottle: leather cleaner and leather conditioner with argan oil.

Both can be used separately or after shaking and mixing, the contents will appear white,

in only one order for leather cleaning and care at the same time:

3-in-1 product.

The leather cleaner can serve to remove water based stains and buildup
as well as be used for the removal of old growth and cream residues.

The easier maintenance liquid in the bottle above contains argan oil, which is also used for facial cosmetics;
it has an antioxidizing effect and creates on the leather an excellent basis for the subsequent application of cream or wax.

At the same time it draws in a leather and donates it's humidity - it retains its elasticity and durable quality.

The leather shines after polishing the shoe polish much more!

If the bottle for a while quietly, then lotion and cleaner separate self again and the contents appears transparent as shown in the photo.

Contents: 100 ml/bottle


Artist Palette No 1


The Artist Palette No 1 is the best shoecream which I know worldwide - tghere is no better one!

The Artist Palette Cream is mixed on the base of Argan oil which is normally used for high quality cosmetics at the reason of its excellent attributes.

for the hydration of the leather and to smooth its surface.

Argan oil is normally used for its excellent care properties in the facial cosmetics for skin care.

Enriched with micro-fine, intensely luminous color pigments allows the cream spread easily and

polish after the 2nd or 3rd position with water to high gloss,

what is currently possible with any single other shoe polish on the world market!

The Leather and shoes exude after nursing a very pleasant, slightly nutty scent.

The collection will include 20 very intense colors with microfine pigments.


outstanding attributes:

  • made on the base of Argan oil
  • w/o water
  • überfine and extremly intensive color pigments
  • higher part of wax than other creams 
  • contains a solvent for better nurrishing and real nice shine
  • after 2 or 3 thin layers polishable with the hand (pics above) or with water

All the colors are available and ready to ship!

contents:   35 gr/jar